Mardi Gras Indians

The tradition of Mardi Gras Indians dates back to the 1700’s. Stories of the origin of the tribes vary, but most are based upon the relationships that African-Americans had with Native Americans before, during, and after the Civil War. Once rarely seen by the general public, the Mardi Gras Indians now share their culture and music with the world. They can be seen parading through the streets only a few times a year. Ritual songs, dances, and chants derived from both Native-American and African-American cultures have been passed down through generations. The elaborate display of costumes, known as “suits,” sparks great artistry, craftsmanship, and competition between the tribes. Countless hours and resources are spent hand-sewing glass beads, ribbon, and ostrich plumes to make a “new suit” each year, which is not revealed until Mardi Gras Day.

Add some flair, color, and culture to your event by inviting our Mardi Gras Indians to share in the celebration!

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