“Thank you so much for being so amazing at our wedding. You brought the party and gave us and our guests such an extraordinary experience! Your energy was contagious, your music was awesome, and we had the best time of our lives! Thank you!” – Claire and Jeff

“I highly recommend the Kinfolk Brass Band, Grand Marshal and Amanda for any booking. They met every expectation, were well-dressed, on-time, priced very reasonably, and were completely entertaining. Their personal touches created a totally memorable birthday event! As an Event Planner, I count on this kind of perfection for all my clients. I can’t thank the Kinfolk team enough for such a wonderful and successful experience they provided for my client!” – Patty Lee St. Martin

“Thank you for all your hard work at the wedding! We loved the band and the second-line/bus ride was one of the most memorable moments. We wouldn’t have gotten to our destination without the NOPD escorts making the path clear through all the Mardi Gras traffic. Thanks Amanda for coordinating everything so beautifully!” – Margaret Couvillon

“We cannot recommend this band highly enough. As a same sex couple, we were nervous about any of our vendors saying they wouldn’t work with us, but the Kinfolk Brass Band were so nice and accommodating. We had looked at other bands, but what really sold us on this band was that as part of their fee they took care of all the parade permits necessary for New Orleans. We didn’t have to do anything, which was a huge relief. Once they saw we were done with the wedding, Amanda approached me, and let me know they were ready when ever we were. We left Jackson Square and were serenaded by them for 6 blocks. All our guests were raving about how much fun the parade was, and all the on lookers congratulated us along the way.” – Jason Minter

“Thank you for amazing service and the best time ever! Definitely the most memorable day of our lives. Cheers!” – Flores wedding

“Amanda and Kinfolk were INCREDIBLE!  We had a destination wedding and most of our guests had no idea what a second line even was and we had it set up as a surprise from the JW Marriott through the quarter to Muriel’s at Jackson Square.  Amanda helped us plan the whole route and police escort so the kids in our wedding party didn’t see anything they shouldn’t.  The band was awesome!!  Our guests were blown away!  Some of our guests saw other second lines over the long weekend and everyone said ours was the best. To this day when I talk to people about the wedding they all talk about our second line THANK YOU SO MUCH!  To be honest we were a little nervous coming in from out of town and checked up with some other companies and some local friends…Kinfolk was by far and away the best and reasonable with price and police escort. I cant say enough good things…hire them!!” – Patrick Gillis

“Just wanted to say how incredible the band and the second-line were. They really made the wedding and everyone has been talking about them all week. Thanks to you and them for such an incredible time. Planning on doing it again for our five year anniversary party; hope they’re still available when the time comes.” – David Clayman

“To be at the front of the second-line with the band is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Cherish every single moment of it…It was awesome – a singular and incredible experience that will be a favorite memory of ours, not just of the wedding, but of our lifetimes.” Sonia Savio

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